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EL2000-Automatic Identification System

EL2000-Automatic Identification System is a Compact high-performance AIS network receiver, which is integrated with dual channel AIS receiver and Serial-Ethernet Server. It outputs data through serial port or via Ethernet and can connect to ECDIS for ship monitoring, controll- -ing, piloting, and dispatching. EL2000 is a product with high sensitivity and low power consumption , and the installation is quick and simp--le.

Power supply:5 volts DC

Power consumption:2.5W

Power:Red Light(Power ON/OFF)

Run:Yellow Light(AIS CPU State)

Lan:Green Light(Ethernet State)

Com:Yellow Light(Serial State)

Channe1:Green Light(AIS1 Data-Receiver state)

Channe2:Green Light(AIS2 Data-Receiver state)

Power Port:DC-F 5.5*2.1(mm)


Antenna impedance:50 ohms

RS232 COM PORT:Standard RS232C Baud Rate:User configurable from 38.4k to 115.2k(default 38.4kBps)

Ethernet Port:RJ45

(refer to diagram 2)

Frequency:AIS1 on 161.975MHz,AIS2 on 162.025MHz

Full time dual channel receiving

Channel spacing:25KHz


Demodulation:GMSK / FM

Programmable features:AT command configure Baud Rate,device ID etc.


Weight:<650g(Not contain the external connector lines and power adapter)

Operating Temperature:-25°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature:-40°C to +85°C

Power adapter parameters:

Input voltage:AC100~240V,0.8A 50/60Hz,Output voltage:DC5V-3A,Power Line Interface:DC5.5*2.1(mm).

EL2000 AIS base station external interface parameters:

Antenna Connector:TNC-k,Network Interface:RJ45,Serial port:DB9/F,Power Interface:DC-F 5.5*2.1(mm).

EL2000 AIS base station antenna parameters:

Antenna Gategory:Fiberglass Omni Antenna,Frequency Range-MHz:155-163Mhz,Gain-dBi:6.5dB,Nominal Impedance-Ω:50Ω,Antenna Connector:SL16-K.

EL2000 AIS base station cable parameters:

Cable Gategory:Feeder line SYV-50-7(Impedance:50Ω,Diameter:7mm),Feeder line maximum attenuation:5.7dB/100m,Connector:SL16-J and TNC-J.

Note:Measures against lightning when installing the antenna and cable attention